Brett Salter, Author of The Talisman Series

I want to give the biggest, dragon-sized thank you to The Rising Tilde for the absolutely phenomenal work they did on our collaboration.  In short, they read all four of my books, and gave earnest and insightful reviews of each book posting to all major websites where authors gain exposure.  Secondly, they ran a week-long exploratory deep-dive on Instagram including all of their reviews, an author interview, a character interview, and a guest post in an attempt to garner me more readers.  That was above and beyond what I usually get from reviewers, and I was so grateful for their dedication to my series.  That is not an opinion.  That is a fact!

Now, to talk about my entire experience working with The Rising Tilde.  Two words.  Absolute perfection.  As I mentioned, the folks over there exceeded my expectations with their interest in my series and their in-depth reviews of my books.  I really felt like they were invested in my books because of the way they communicated with me and spoke to their audience.  I could not have asked for a better collaboration, and I can only hope they are not completely booked up when I go to release my next instalment.  If I could do this collaboration over again, I would not change a single thing except to express my appreciation more.